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About Functional Wellness

Welcome to The Wellness Drip: Your Path to Functional and Integrative Wellness

At The Wellness Drip, we go beyond the traditional approach to healthcare. Our functional and integrative wellness philosophy is all about treating you, not just your symptoms or disease. We aim to address the root cause of health conditions, ADHD, auto-immune conditions, Lyme, fibromyalgia, and a host of other conditions.

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Understanding Functional Wellness

Functional wellness is a holistic, patient-centered approach to healthcare. It zeroes in on the underlying causes of disease, such as hormonal imbalances or gut dysfunctions that may be contributing to conditions like thyroid disorders or leaky gut, rather than just managing the symptoms.

Instead of segregating health issues into isolated categories, functional wellness views the body as an interconnected whole. An issue in one area can reverberate across the entire system, which is particularly apparent in conditions like ADHD or weight loss, where various physiological systems are intertwined.

The Wellness Drip Approach

We offer vital support in conquering challenges that may seem overwhelming, combining assessments, personalized strategies, and personalized guidance to help you regain complete wellness.

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Phase 1 - Intake & Comprehensive Assessment

In this phase, your unique health journey matters most. Instead of the usual medical methods, we focus on understanding your health history and goals. We're here to help and are genuinely interested in your past and future. In your first consultation, our team will guide you by obtaining needle-free samples of both hair and urine samples for comprehensive bio-resonance and meta-analysis testing.

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Phase 2 - Crafting Your Path to Wellness

When your results are ready, we go beyond traditional medicine. We'll explain why your body isn't at its best and give you the tools to boost its natural healing. Together, we offer a detailed assessment and access to alternative therapies options, helping you create your personal wellness path.

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Phase 3 - Unleash Transformation

Following your assessment means joining our skilled team on a journey to improve your life and health. From vitamin infusions, ozone therapy, infrared sauna treatments, red light therapy, wellness coaching, cellular detox, supplementations and more, our committed team understands everyone's unique needs. We provide you with personalized data, knowledge and tools to address the root causes of your health challenges.

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Applying Functional Wellness

Functional wellness recognizes the uniqueness of each individual and the diverse factors affecting their health. This encompasses genetics, lifestyle elements such as physical activity and stress, environmental factors, nutrition, and more. This approach can be particularly effective for those dealing with food sensitivities or gout, as it considers dietary influences and environmental triggers.

This approach rejects the one-size-fits-all mentality. Instead, it fosters personalized plans that respect your unique circumstances and health objectives, whether you’re aiming for weight loss or seeking non-toxic cancer treatment.


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