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Can NAD+ Therapy Delay or Prevent the Onset of Certain Diseases?

Can NAD+ Therapy Delay or Prevent the Onset of Certain Diseases?

It’s natural to be concerned about your health as you age. You may see signs of cognitive decline, chronic pain, diabetes, or other conditions. If you’re worried about these and are wondering if there’s a treatment to slow or stop certain diseases from happening, ask your healthcare provider about NAD+ therapy.

What is NAD+ therapy?

NAD+ therapy is a process to get more nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide into your bloodstream and throughout your body. It’s a coenzyme or helper molecule which is a crucial player in metabolism, the chemical responses in your body’s cells that transform food into energy. 

NAD+ therapy is delivered by an intravenous line in a vein, generally in your arm or hand, and allows vitamins, minerals, and nutrients to be absorbed more quickly into your bloodstream.

What is NAD+ therapy good for?

NAD+, along with ketamine therapy, treatment methods that may help relieve symptoms or difficulties of medical and mental health conditions.

If you have questions about NAD+ therapy, talk with your healthcare provider for answers.

What is ketamine?

Ketamine is a powerful anesthetic that was first synthesized in the early 1960s. Around the same time, it was shipped to Southeast Asia for field trials to treat wounded U.S. combat troops fighting in Vietnam. Within a decade, the medicine had been approved by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration as an anesthetic in human and animal use. It’s now used to treat conditions not responsive to standard therapy, like depression, chronic pain, and others.

Alternatives to NAD+ therapy

Transforming food into energy is a biological process that sometimes needs help to work at peak efficiency. NAD+ therapy may be one way to do this, but there are others, too:

  • Daily exercise.
  • Limit exposure to natural sunlight, known to deplete the body’s natural supply of NAD+.
  • Look for alternative heat sources, through which you can nurture your NAD+ stores (hot tubs, saunas, heated pools) to make your heart work faster and trigger NAD+ production).

Can NAD+ Therapy Delay or Prevent the Onset of Certain Diseases?

“The main function of the immune system is to protect against diseases and infections. For unknown reasons our immune system attacks healthy cells, tissues and organs in a process called autoimmunity, which can result in diseases such as multiple sclerosis, Type 1 diabetes, lupus or rheumatoid arthritis. There are currently no existing cures for these diseases.”

Researchers at Brigham and Women’s Hospital have discovered clues that a possible treatment may be just around the corner. The study found that NAD+, an organic molecule within living cells, plants, and food, defends against autoimmune diseases because it alters the immune response, and turns “destructive” cells into “protective” ones. NAD+ can also reverse how disease evolves by rehabilitating damaged tissue due to the autoimmunity process.

Studies on humans continue. But a report by the U.S. National Institutes of Health suggests “that NAD+ supplementation can delay the onset of muscle atrophy, vision loss, as well as certain age-related diseases that might include metabolic disease, heart dysfunction, and cancer.”

NAD+ is considered a helper molecule. Like others, it powers and supports many different biological processes critical to living healthy. This includes converting food into energy, repairing broken DNA, empowering a cells’ natural defensive systems, heart health, and regulating our internal clock. NAD+ supplies naturally decrease with aging.

There’s also evidence that NAD+ therapy plays a role in treating mental illness or, if you’re at higher risk of mental illness because of genetics or other factors, preventing it from happening.

NAD+ therapy versus supplements

A key benefit to NAD+ therapy, plus well-balanced meals or living a healthier lifestyle, is the speed with which it gets into your bloodstream. Converting food into energy takes time. NAD+ therapy, delivered intravenously directly into a vein in your arm or hand, offers near-instant benefit. NAD+ therapy has a higher absorption rate and helps with hydration.

Is NAD+ better than supplements? Probably not. Like food, supplements need to break down before entering your bloodstream. To be straightforward, questions about whether to use NAD+ or other therapy based on your overall health should be directed to your healthcare provider. 

Final thoughts

NAD+ and ketamine therapy may help reduce symptoms of physical and mental health conditions, like depression and chronic pain. What is the key to living longer? Healthy foods, exercise, genetics, avoiding harmful substances and behaviors are all an essential part of the equation, but certain therapy may forestall certain diseases.

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