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IV Vitamin Therapy & Athletes

IV Vitamin Therapy & Athletes

Ever since the emergence and the rise of IV vitamin therapies in the world of celebrities and social media influencers, there are many other people who have started to realize the potential of this therapy. Although the general public seems to be taking advantage of this new method of administering vitamins into your system, athletes are the primary audience that favors IV vitamin therapy, as stated by the National Library of Medicine in a report.

Research studies and surveys have concluded that 75% of the teams present in the NFL have reported having used IV fluids to help their players before their game. Another survey conducted recorded that 30% of teams use pre-game IV therapy for at least 2 out of 3 players.

The Benefits

The main selling point of IV therapy is that they ignore the digestive system, and the nutrients go straight into the bloodstream. Due to this, around 90-95% of the nutrients are absorbed by the body. 

This is way more than the 20-25% absorption rate through conventional means, such as consuming supplements, fruits, and vegetables. In addition to that, there are many other benefits, which make IV therapies perfect for athletes.


Due to their rigorous training agenda, athletes are required to stay hydrated before, during, and after their workouts or any other athletic competition. Although necessary hydration can be achieved through oral means that IV therapy enhances the recovery process.

Hydration plays a vital role in an athlete’s recovery. They lose a considerable amount of fluid in the form of sweat leaving the body. In addition to that, hydration also bolsters the muscle recovery process, producing faster and more effective results.

Reduced Muscle Recovery Time

Another reason why hydration is vital to determine an athlete’s performance is that dehydration can lead to weakness, cramping, or an increased heartrate. All of these symptoms can hinder your muscle recovery, which, in turn, will negatively impact your performance as an athlete.

That is not all. Research has indicated that staying dehydrated for long periods of time can lead to other hazardous issues, which include muscle and kidney damage. In addition to using traditional IV therapy, you can also opt to include certain additives, such as amino acids and magnesium, in order to accelerate muscle recovery further.

Nutrient Absorption

One of the most noteworthy benefits of incorporating IV vitamin therapy into your health and wellness regimen as an athlete is the number of nutrients you will now be absorbing. As discussed previously, when taking nutrients intravenously, your body tends to absorb almost 100% of the nutrients.

As an athlete, constantly replenishing the nutrients is as essential as staying hydrated, as they are required to regulate sufficient blood flow within your stomach when performing an intense exercise.

Final Thoughts

Athletes require a lot more nutrients and hydration than the general public due to the fact that they are always performing rigorous physical activities. This results in excessive sweating, making them much more prone to dehydration than an average person.

While it’s far from the only reason, this is one of the primary reasons IV vitamin therapy is especially useful for athletes. However, to utilize the maximum potential IV fluids and vitamin therapies have to offer, there are certain therapies you must take advantage of.

This may become overwhelming, but reaching out to experts can help. The Wellness Drip has you covered. We provide the best IV vitamin therapy for your needs, so contact our experts today.

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