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Lab Testing

Welcome to The Wellness Drip: Your Hub for Innovative Lab Testing and Condition-Specific Insights

Revolutionizing the traditional approach to lab testing, The Wellness Drip brings you needle-free, comprehensive, and insightful testing options tailored to address various health conditions, including Non-Toxic Cancer Treatment, Leaky Gut, Gout, Food Sensitivities, Weight Loss, Thyroid Conditions, and ADHD. Through a non-invasive process using just a few strands of your hair and a small urine sample we provide a wealth of information about your health. Our bio-resonance hair testing checks a remarkable 1,000 different key elements, giving you an in-depth understanding of your body’s needs and reactions.

Innovative lab testing

What Does Our Lab Testing Offer?

Our unique, needle-free hair test and meta oxy urine test provide valuable insights into your individual cell health, microbiome & gut health, hormones, vitamins, minerals, potential metal toxicity, as well as environmental, food, and additive sensitivities. These insights can be crucial in managing and improving various health conditions, ranging from Leaky Gut to Thyroid Conditions to Cancer.

We believe in empowering you with knowledge. Your results will include a detailed breakdown of your reactivity ratings to every item tested, with special focus on conditions such as Gout, ADHD and Food Sensitivities, providing an in-depth understanding of each category. Our testing report is packed with helpful tips and insights to help you understand your body’s unique functions better.

Testing assists in your journey to better health, especially for conditions like Weight Loss and Non-Toxic Cancer Treatment, with resources that aim to guide you through the process of eliminating high-reactivity foods identified in your results and detoxing at a cellular level providing a clear path towards improved health.

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Why Choose The Wellness Drip?

At The Wellness Drip, lab testing is more than a routine procedure. It’s an enlightening journey of self-discovery. Our needle-free approach ensures comfort without compromising the richness of the information you receive. Our lab testing isn’t just about detecting potential issues; it’s about understanding your body on a deeper level and using that understanding to address conditions like Leaky Gut, Gout, ADHD, and more.

Embark on your journey towards comprehensive wellness with our innovative lab testing. Trust The Wellness Drip to empower you with the knowledge and guidance you need to make informed decisions about your health, especially when dealing with specific health conditions. Let’s navigate the path to optimal wellness together.


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